Cascade Fountain

Cascade Fountain: white, red, and jade abstract digital art of hands reaching into a wispy curtain of liquid air.


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Come on, you can do it. Just reach out and touch the substance, bro. It’s pastel and white and glittery, what could go wrong?

There are two ways I could personally imagine the feeling of this fountain on your hands.

One: Very thick and smooth, like a slow vanilla pudding. Glooping down, feeling funny, maybe even tasting good. I could imagine this dripping slow and sloppy, and I don’t think it would be fun to wash off.

Two: Light and airy, almost wispy, like reaching into a ghost. Curtains of liquid polygons crystalizing around your hand, but do you ever really touch it, or does it crack up and fractalize out around you? You wouldn’t even need to wash it off, because it would be like it was barely even there.

I also imagine this fountain being made out of gems and crystals, rubies and jade, probably at the base of some billionaire mansion or tucked away deep in a long-forgotten grotto. If you step through the fountain, what’s on the other side?

Here’s a small portion of this abstract artwork in full resolution:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Cascade Fountain, white with red and green.

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