Class Seven Atmospheric Bands

Class Seven Atmospheric Bands: orange, red, and maroon abstract digital art of gas bands with green over a giant planet.


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Space: the final frontier, where no one has gone before. Space inspires a great deal of my art, and probably a great deal of art in general. I think space lends itself to abstract work because pretty much everything in space is undiscovered, so you can make any old piece of weird looking art and call it some scientific name and posit that it exists out there somewhere in space, and who’s going to tell you no?

With that in mind, I call this piece Class Seven Atmospheric Bands because I imagine a futuristic society of exoplanet explorers scouting around the galaxy, finding each new planet in each new system, and classifying them with nicely defined characteristics.

It’s easy to look out the window of your spacecraft and see these currents in the gas giant’s atmosphere below. Is calling these bands Class Seven extreme? What’s the scale? Does it go up to seven max, or is it out of 100? If we keep exploring long enough, we may have to add some additional levels that we didn’t imagine at first.

And who knows what sort of uncontemplated life forms fly through this gas, whatever it may be? Perhaps there’s even some society living within it, perhaps there are gigantic factories just beneath our scanning frequencies here. Or perhaps it’s one of a dozen planets chugging along in its orbit, and one of its moons is the real cool place to live.

If you lived on one of those moons, here’s a sample of the full-resolution atmosphere bands that could be in your sky every morning:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Class 7 Atmospheric Bands, red, green, stripes of purple.

Here’s a photo of me holding Class Seven Atmospheric Bands as an aluminum print. The details look beautiful up close.

Perplexia artist Ethan J Hulbert holding Class Seven Atmospheric Bands in aluminum.

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