Electric Marsh

Electric Marsh: red, black, and yellow abstract digital art of a highly charged swamp environment with ball lightning and lights in the distance.


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Electric Marsh is one of my favorite pieces of art I have ever made in my life, in any category. I absolutely love this piece and consider it a personal masterwork. I love the intricate linework I was able to achieve here, and the electricity this gives off is almost palpable. And coming from a guy with a static electric shock problem, that’s saying something. I know what an electric fence feels like and this picture reminds me of it.

The lines here are almost like a bizarre alien topological map. But just as it can be a geographical tool, it can also be a vantage point. You’re crouching down, hiding in this strange swamp, with long grass and tendrils poking around you from all sides.

There are lights and little flying things buzzing all around you. And there’s a city lying low in the distance, an outpost that you’re watching intently. As the ball lightning strikes around you, the air cracks and pops, the water hisses and boils. Imagine these lines shifting and fluxing organically around you, a whole ecosystem operating like any other and yet totally alien to what we know as possible on Earth.

It’s something no computer could simulate, something that only the processing power of the natural world could produce.

Here’s the full resolution detail on the linework. I’m very proud of this one:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Electric Marsh, with extremely detailed sharp yellow green lines and red blurs.

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Thank you.

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