Jack’s Requiem

Jack's Requiem: pink, green, grey and white abstract digital art of a cay with prominent yellow eyes, made up of a forest with propped-up sticks.


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Oh Jack! What a goofball. He wasn’t mine, but he was close enough in spirit.

The last time I saw Jack was the last day I was homeless. I had fallen asleep on a couch and in the heat the vinyl stuck to all corners of my skin. But I woke up with Jack mleming his tongue, sitting on top of me just like this, and I had to take a picture. He was so cute, such a kind and lovable soul.

Now Jack’s off in that big ol’ forest temple in the sky.

Here’s the close up detail with full resolution. I do like how this one turned out:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Jack's Requiem, pointy pinks and greens and a yellow eye.

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Thank you.

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