Prysn: icy blue, yellow, green, black, and white abstract digital art of a symmetrical intersecting grid with ice shards on the borders.


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Prysn is like some metaphysical holding facility, a jail for ghosts and phantasms and interdimensional beings.

Maybe as physical folk, you and I could walk right through this, just like ghosts can walk through our walls. But to the incorporeal, this is solid and thick, impenetrably holding them for some unknown reason. What sort of crimes are against ghost law? Perhaps more people in history saw ghosts because that was before they were all round up by the ecto-cops and put in Prysn.

This piece also makes me feel cold, uncomfortable, like some piece of trash littered in a field or a mattress left out in an alley. When I am a ghost one day, I hope I don’t end up here. Somehow it just seems chilly and sharp.

See the close up full resolution details of this digital art here:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Prysn, with ice blue and sharp green blades.

Buy this: Redbubble / Society6

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