Radical Combination

Radical Combination: black, white, purple, green, and blue abstract digital art of a cyclone with 8 mini-cyclones and balanced background.


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Radical Combination is piece 5/5 in the RADICAL SERIES.

We’ve reached the end of the Hero’s Journey and the hero, who is obviously victorious, is now a master of both worlds — their original homeworld (reality) and the magical new world they were pulled into (in piece 3).

The colors here are at once more isolated with softer transitions between each ring, and the cyclone is made up of eight distinct mini-cyclones that seem to blast with power and energy. This symbolizes the hero having complete control over the forces around them. The corners in this one are also uneven and asymmetrical, with two black and two white, showing a comfort with imbalance and a combination of all the elements necessary to truly succeed.

Here it is (last) in the context of the whole set:

A compilation image containing the five Radical Series pieces: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, and Combination, next to each other.

The RADICAL SERIES contains Radical: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, & Combination.

The full series exemplifies hurricanes and action graphics as seen through a lens of the early-2000s’ “xtreme” “radical” “kewl” factor. By keeping the same basic form, the series lets me explore different types of overlay themes while keeping the finished products easy to compare. This is some of my earlier work and by far the most “apples to apples” art I’ve ever made.

Here’s the detail of Radical Combination, below:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Radical Combination, the whites and blacks, blues and purples and cyclones.

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Radical Darkness