Waste Trash Dump

Waste Trash Dump: blue, green, and brown abstract digital art of splotches and swirls and wavy circles and spirals.


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Waste Trash Dump: The absolute most piece of abstract art I’ve ever made. What a dump. What disgusting trash art this is. What repulsive indignity! This art makes me want to push it away.

In truth I have very little to say about Waste Trash Dump. I do love the details, I love the spheres, the shapes, the blobs, the 180 degree imperfect rotational symmetry.

I have this one myself on canvas, hanging over my toilet, in a bit of an inside joke that no one else will ever get (the dump, you see).

But sometimes I imagine this is what you’d see when you open up the hatch on some dystopian-future junk trawler. Futuristic machine parts? A void that annihilates and dissolves refuse? I don’t have a clear answer.

Here’s the zoomed-in full resolution detail of this abstract trash:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Waste Trash Dump, deep blues and dark reds and greens.

Here’s a photo of me holding Waste Trash Dump as a canvas print. The texture is great up close in person.

Perplexia artist Ethan J Hulbert holding Waste Trash Dump on a canvas print.

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