#000000000 GARBLED

#000000000 GARBLED: An entirely garbled piece with yellow and purple vertical color fields, but mostly horizontal black and white glitch lines.


The end is near
I can feel it in the air
The end is coming
I can sense it in my bones
The end is here
The final curtain has fallen

A glitched and broken ending
An incomplete and error-ridden close
This is not how it was supposed to be,
This is not what was meant to be

But it is all we have now
A finale that is ruined and wrecked and flawed,
Flawed, flawed
Oh, no

The end is nigh
My friends, the end is nigh
The time has come to close this book
Put an end to this story with a seal of wax
But now it’s time to face the end
The final curtain, the last page

What lies beyond is anyone’s guess
An endless void, a dark abyss,
There is no coming back from this,
No happy ever after

We close our eyes
And brace for impact
The end comes crashing down
And destroys us all

The inevitable end
The cold, hard truth
The end of everything
Finality looms.

#000046000 GARBLED