#000046000 GARBLED

#000046000 GARBLED: An entirely garbled piece with grey, gold, blue, yellow, and purple, like tv fuzz or vhs noise. Mostly vertical.


Our start was meant to be perfect
But it was Spoilt! Corrupted! Glitched!
The story mangled and distorted
The prologue hopeless and destroyed
This is the tale of the start that will never be started
A story that was ruined before it could ever be told
Opening the door to adventure
Is like a flickering candle
In the darkness of night
Many are the times when that candle
Has been blown out
And the story with it
But tonight, the candle still burns
And the story begins anew.
This is not the tale of heroes
Or of daring and dastardly deeds
This is a candle
Being burnt at both ends
People are dying
Spoiling everything
And the story begins
With a sad, sorry state
And a whisper of what could have been
But will never be
never again.

#053 oh no
#000000000 GARBLED