A harshly pixelated image of blues, reds, and blacks, no shading, just flat colors and sworls, with a little green and violet. A mess of colors and paint.


This piece is a digital abstract piece that uses harsh reds and blues to create a feeling of tension and unease. The piece is meant to be unsettling to the viewer. The piece is meant to be viewed first from a distance, and then up close.

The primary colors used in this piece are red and blue, which create a stark contrast against one another. There are also hints of other colors throughout the piece, including yellow and green. The overall effect is a visually stunning and eyecatching piece of art that elicits further study.

The title06meb refers to the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed out by the torrential velocity of the world.

One of my few pieces that has actually, literally given me a headache. I hope you enjoy it in similar fashion. Can a migraine-inducing work not still produce pleasure, just as the horror film genre has countless die-hard fans?

(Alternatively: Spider-Man in a blender.)

burn splash