The background is cloudy reds and blues; the midground is three horizontal motion-blurred green slimy tendrils; the foreground is half-visible stars and explosions in gritty pixels.


This abstract digital art piece is titled92jux“. It is a colorful and dynamic composition that is both visually arresting and emotionally evocative. The artist has used a variety of digital tools and techniques to create a unique and powerful work of art that is sure to provoke thought and feeling in all who view it. The bold colors and energetic brushstrokes give the piece a sense of vibrancy and movement, while the overall composition conveys a sense of imbalance and action.

The motion in this piece has always intrigued me. The three bands of fast-moving horizontal green something split the canvas in an interesting and erratic way, while the spikes and stars seem to float over the image and absorb the background colors as if they’re floating in your eyes above. This image has always seemed somewhat patriotic to me, but in a skewed, tainted sort of way. It’s as if Slimer from Ghostbusters is vomiting on an American Flag. Happy Fourth of July.

Glitch Nebular