Purples, whites, and yellow-greens form layers on layers of swirls, ripples, and dark puddles.


This digital artwork is a representation of the artist‘s unique view of the world. The colors and shapes are meant to evoke a sense of fluidity and creativity. The colors used in this piece are a mix of warm and cool tones. The overall effect of this piece is one of harmony and balance. The viewer is meant to interpret the work in their own way, making it a truly personal experience.

I don’t really have much to say on this piece. It is the spiritual predecessor to I Was A Teenage Binder Model in some ways, but there isn’t a direct relationship between the two.

I think a lot of times when abstract artists say “you’re meant to interpret this one in your own way, so it’s REALLY about your personal experience” it just means they don’t have a good explanation for what it means, but liked it anyway, but want to seem deeper than just saying “I just liked the colors and shapes I guess” so they make it out to be like this big self-discovery unique thing for every viewer.

Not me though, I would never do that. If that’s what you’re getting, that’s your own unique personal experience.

Holy War