dark avatar

A mostly dark blue and black shadowy image, with one slanted oval of sharp bright yellow and green lines against a plasma-like red and yellow fire background.


This piece is a digital abstract painting that explores the dark side of human nature. The title “dark avatar refers to the shadow self that we all have within us, as well as the shadow selves around us that don’t belong to anyone at all. This piece is a representation of the darkness that can consume us if we let it. The colors are deep and sinister, representing the power of the darkness, with one bright window into the world beyond. The shapes are shrouded and vague, representing the danger of the darkness. The overall effect is one of foreboding and menace.

There is a sense of unease and foreboding in this piece, as if something sinister is about to happen.

This piece is a dark and moody exploration of the digital shadow world. It features a bright void in the center of a dark menagerie. The void is illuminated by an electric light, and seems to be in a state of flux. The piece is meant to evoke a sense of the dark side of the digital world, and the shadowy figures that inhabit it that are around us right now.

Damn, that’s so much more interesting than the total nothingness I meant with this experiment, which is like an electric pizza frisbee hovering between two shadow folk. I’ll take it. I am permanently horrified of shadow folk after my personal explorations of the Temple of X’al’naa”thuthuthu. Never again.

Never again.

Fishnet Friends