Fishnet Friends

A low-contrast dark blue and light green mess of smoke and tendrils, with some red and yellow highlights, muted but with some fishnet patterns in the corners.


This piece is a subdued and thoughtful abstract digital painting that celebrates the bonds of friendship. The title,Fishnet Friends“, refers to the netlike patterns that connect the various elements of the corners of the work just as they connect the corners of our lives. The painting is full of chaos and entropy, and the colors were created completely by accident.

The background is a swirling mix of blues, greens, and reds, which represent the ocean, and the greed of a bottomless pit.

In actuality, I think the fishnets were from my friend Kay. All of the plasma effects in this piece were an accidental byproduct of combining all of my friends into one fiery mess, which I then used to represent myself. How naïve of me! Who knows if any of these people are in my life anymore – certainly Kay has not been for years and years.

A portion of this artwork has been reconstructed, but you probably can’t figure out which portion.

Here’s a closer detail on the image. It’s rotated, don’t worry about it:

High resolution detail close-up on the fishnet pattern and some of the green and red sharp patterns against the blue.

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