island currents tropical

Lots and lots of thin swirly lines composing a dark neon green bottom, a dark thin horizontal structure, and a bright blue and white sky expanse above.


This piece is a colorful, bright abstract work with strong tropical island vibes. The thin digital penstrokes are in a range of neons and pastels, representing the waters and foliage of a tropical paradise. The painting is full of solidified stillness, as if the viewer is standing on the shore watching the waves crash against the rocks for no more than a single half-second.

This piece has an overall feel of relaxation and paradise, or alternatively, stress and turmoil.

And to be very honest with you, this one gives me a lot more stress and turmoil than this description may suggest. Is that a face in the middle? Is that one giant, horribly deformed hand reaching in from the right? What evil mists does this island hold? If this is paradise, kindly count me out.