nucleon physics

As seen through a frosted glass lens or foggy window, a couple of three-particle interactions in red and yellow with a dark blue background.


This piece is an abstract work that explores the world of subatomic particles. The dynamic, vibrant composition with contrasting colors and globular shapes conveys what quantum interactions within the nucleus of an atom could look like, as close as we could get to comprehending it ourselves. The viewer can almost feel the fluctuations and random energy states of the particles, even while they’re ostensibly remaining “still.”

This piece is a playful exploration of the relationship between positive and negative space. What is negative space but holes in the atomic fabric? Every digital brushstroke has meaning in the world of nuclear physics.

And to be honest, none of that was too far off. There are lots of three-way quark interactions going on within protons and neutrons and this happened to branch out in that direction. Talk about quantum foam.