A solidly red abstract piece with a cloudy background, and sharper foreground of wavy lines of black, green, violet, and more.


This piece is a colorful abstract digital painting with bold mock-brushstrokes. It is full of energy and movement, with colors sharply contrasting the deep red background.

This piece is all about the movement and energy of color. It‘s a abstract expression of the feeling you get when you‘re in a car speeding down the highway. The colors are all blended together to create a sense of movement, and the title reflects that.

The painting has a dynamic, energetic quality to it, and the overall effect is one of movement and vibrancy. The title of the piece likely refers to the sound of the brushstrokes being made, as well as the feeling of movement and action that the painting evokes.

Or something like that! I mean really, I was just playing with colors and swirls here. But I love the “car speeding down the highway” idea, so I’m going to go with that.

nucleon physics