Four images with white borders around them combined into one image file. Each image has a cloudy pastel background and a black foreground with curvy little worm paths revealing the colors behind.


This piece is a digital abstract that uses a variety of colors and shapes to create a visually interesting design. The title,thththth“, refers to the sound made when the shapes are put together. The piece is meant to be seen as a whole, and the title has obvious translation to each piece equally.

This piece is meant to evoke feelings of anxiety and unease. It is composed of sharp, jagged curves and murky colors that create a sense of foreboding and dread. The title,thththth“, is meant to represent the sound of someone gasping for air, which furthers the sense of unease and fear that this piece is meant to evoke.

The title,thththth“, refers to the sound of a heartbeat, which is a metaphor for the energy and movement that is present in the piece. The use of digital manipulation allows for a sense of depth and dimensionality, which gives the piece a sense of movement and fluidity.

I originally made these pieces as four separate works, and put them together in this compilation to better highlight them. I then proceeded to temporarily lose the higher-quality original images, and grew accustomed to this piece as four-in-one. By the time I found the higher resolution versions, I liked this version so much better that I recreated it using the full res versions so it would finally be complete.

Of the four “th”s, the top left has to be my favorite, followed by the top right. I love the colors and the more interesting patterns with the black cells. Something about thththth speaks to me in a very pedestrian, flavorless fashion that I actually quite enjoy.