A hazy purple background with a sharp, systematic foreground of pastel blue and green lines and right angles connecting in random ways.


This abstract digital art piece is titled “Vaseline“. It is a representation of the artist‘s view of the world through a vaselinesmeared lens. The colors are blurred and distorted, giving the viewer a sense of the artist‘s chaotic and unpredictable view of the world.

The colors are all different shades of blue, green, and purple, and they swirl around in a pattern that is both pleasing to the eye and makes you want to keep looking at it. The piece is meant to be abstract and to evoke feelings of tranquility and peace.

Ah, Vaseline, one of my first ever abstract experiments. I love the background on this one, and the way that the foreground elements contrast it with being so organized and systematic, sharp against blur. Overall I was shocked and delighted by how pleasing this piece was to simply look at and enjoy.