A vivid purple and orange background, with sharp grassy strokes and high contrast, with a strange dark black cloud floating over the center.


This digital abstract painting is one of the least-finished I’ve ever made, thanks once again to outside sources. The vague shadow across the center represents the shadow of an annoying life influence, while the brown grass-like strokes in the back represent the death and decay of a foundational life.

The shadow is elongated, as if it is dancing. The colors are limited, yet there is a sense of light and energy emanating from the background. There is a sense of depth and dimensionality to the piece, as if you are looking into a hidden world.

Not necessarily a world that you want to enter or even learn more about, though. Sometimes things that are hidden aren’t worth uncovering. Sometimes someone hides something, not because it’s valuable or interesting, but just because it’s not worth displaying anywhere with any prominence. And when you find it and look at it, you just agree and go about your day.

And that’s all.

trip and break your foot