trip and break your foot

A simple piece with a lot of grey and white and green, and a little blue, a big white brushstroke into some messy grey.


This frenetic piece of digital art is a perfect representation of the chaos and confusion that can come with a sudden injury. The bright, almost neon colors of the greens and whites are jarring and disorienting, while the sharp angles and chaotic sworls convey a sense of movement and instability. The titletrip and break your foot perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being caught offguard and unprepared for what life throws at you.

However, this piece is meant to evoke a sense of healing and hope, and to remind the viewer that even after a tough time, there is always the potential for growth and beauty.

This piece predicted my eventual broken bones, almost 7 years before it happened. As soon as I looked at this piece in the future, I knew that this event was what inspired my past self to create this particular piece of art. I do wish I had realized it sooner, though.

The Eye of Heaven