Ambercharm: red, white, yellow, orange, and black abstract digital art of a fiery central burst with four silver arms extending outward.


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When I look at Ambercharm, I see a fiery crystal that is both a small, inactive little thing you could carry in your pocket or wear around your neck, and also a source of immense, overwhelming power, flooding out of the charm with a speed that would shock any adversary.

I also imagine it to have some supernatural abilities — I mean, beyond the whole power source thing. Maybe it’s because of the black and white areas of this piece, but it seems like this would also tie in with life and death, or a hidden world.

Of course, I may be drawing a little bit of inspiration here from a blinker stone, but I think it has a little more formal magic in it too.

Perhaps there’s even an aspect of freezing time, or freezing your enemies. Lastly, the bubbles almost give me a totally different interpretation; it almost looks like condensation forming on the side of an ice cold can of soda. Dr Pepper anyone?

Here’s a full resolution detail on the bubbles and fiery magic of this abstract artwork:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Ambercharm, bright red orange with crisp water droplet designs.

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Thank you.

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