Arriving Goddess

Arriving Goddess: blue, pink, and green abstract digital art of a highly obscured holy figure, eyes closed, hands in prayer, coming from above.


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Arriving Goddess is my humble entry into one of the longest-running traditions in the history of art: depicting a female deity or ruler/royalty of some sort in my own signature style.

This is one of my favorite pieces, and from those who know my art I am told it is one of my most recognizable. The colors and shapes frame her body in a divine aura, suggesting magical, divine, and technological heights all at the same time. Is she arriving from Heaven or a UFO? Her hands are in the shape of a prayer, and the simple dress and headwear suggest an indeterminate time period.

Notably, her closed eyes give her an aura of separation and holiness that I think does the most to set this picture apart from my others. In this one there is more clearly a connective opportunity than most of my work, since there’s so obviously a human figure in front of you, and yet by closing her eyes she is denying you that connection. What more can you do?

I may not be famous enough to earn a place on this list, but I’d like to think my work fits nicely near the end.

Here’s a full-resolution detail on this piece’s most important part:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Arriving Goddess, eyes closed, red face on blue bg.

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Thank you.

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