Emergence to an Earth

Emergence to an Earth: black, red, green, blue, and yellow abstract digital art of a dark wormhole opening up to a pixelated ocean planet.


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This piece, to me, looks like you’re just coming out of a wormhole after a long trip to the other side of space, and you’re glad to finally see Earth at the end of the tunnel. Coming home after a long vacation always feels nice, no matter how great the vacation was.

The thing with wormhole travel, though, is that it’s so easy to misconfigure the wormhole parameters. You think maybe you save a few bucks by doing it yourself, or using a street vendor service, instead of going through the official Wormhole Transit Authority. But then someone gets the negative matter influx all wrong and the wormhole ends up leading to a different corner of a different universe instead of yours.

No wonder travel insurance is so expensive!

So now here you are, looking down at the green and blue and… purple and orange? And thinking to yourself, hold up, the continents on MY planet didn’t have those exact borders and all of a sudden you get spit out onto the Earth of Universe-17 or some crap. And then what are you gonna do? Cross your fingers that Earth-17 has good wormhole technology too? For all you know, Earth-17 is full of sentient octopi with an honor code built all around wiping out any surviving human beings. And that’s the last way any good vacation should end.

Hence the title, “Emergence to an Earth.” With extra emphasis on an Earth.

Here’s the detail of whatever Earth this may be, and the full resolution wormhole around it:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Emergence to an Earth, dark waves around the pixel planet.

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Thank you.

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