Spatial Shards

Spatial Shards: red, green, and purple heavily fragmented abstract digital art of concentric polygons with a gaseous grate-like texture.


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Pretty much everything around you can be broken. Your phone, your computer, the walls around you or the ground you walk on, even your own body and mind.

But what about space? Can space be broken? What would “broken space” mean, and what would it look like?

This line of thought may lead you nowhere, but on the flipside it may lead you to some interesting stories. Broken space may be wormholes, or dimensional rifts, or even black holes (which arguably are very good candidates for a possible example of broken space).

Spatial Shards is my interpretation of broken space — or at least shattered, cracked space, perhaps not completely in shambles yet, but on the verge. If an astronaut on the space station looked out their window and saw this instead of inky black night peppered with stars, for sure there’d be an alarm or two raised.

Even more interesting to me is thinking about what sort of machine could break space. You’d need more than just a really big hammer, that’s for sure. Some kind of quantum hammer though? Yeah that would definitely do it.

I really love the details on this one – see them yourself in full resolution below:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Spatial Shards, with greens, blues, and red fragments.

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Thank you.

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