Fluxion Containment Lattice

Fluxion Containment Lattice: yellow, red, purple, and dark green abstract digital art of thin line systems containing a huge beam of energy.


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The energy needs of humanity today would have been incomprehensible to humans 100 years ago and incomprehensibly incomprehensible to humans 1,000 years ago. How much energy do you think we’ll need a hundred years from now, or a thousand? (Let’s just assume humans are around for that long.)

Where will we get this energy from? How will we harness it, and what will it look like? And assuming it’s as potent as it will probably have to be, how do we contain it?

In Fluxion Containment Lattice, I explore a sort of interlaced structure built to confine an enormous stream of power in a safe space. Without this lattice, the power stream might go haywire and wreak havoc on a planetary scale, and that would definitely violate some OSHA codes.

This was partially inspired by those big dumb beams of energy in Star Wars, even though they made no sense in the story. But my view of them is less fantasy and more science fiction.

Here’s a close-up full resolution detail view of the lattice in this artwork. I could only include the edge of the energy beam in this picture, it was just too powerful otherwise:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Fluxion Containment Lattice, splotchy reds and pinks and the yellow energy.

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