Reticulated Splines

Reticulated Splines: hazy red and yellow abstract digital art of sharp lines criss crossing like stocks or profit charts gone crazy.


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Reticulated Splines is one of my wilder pieces, and to me it communicates a rush of frenetic motion and wacky chaos. I love how the lines have no apparent rhyme or reason, crisscrossing with such a zany sense of energy.

The subtle grey grid in the background lends itself to one interpretation of this piece — a play on corporate profits and earnings and sales charts. Imagine some big financial company in New York City going through their boring powerpoint slides talking about gains, losses, quarterly income, whatever, and then flipping to a graph that looks like this. Viewing it in this light makes it sort of hilarious to me.

Someone once asked me if this was supposed to be a take on a McDonald’s parody, which I had never thought about. But I can see it, the red background and the yellow lines, you can easily get some arches out of all that. I suppose in some very strange alternate reality, this could be a McDonald’s logo, or maybe even McDonald’s wall art. Say, I should make them an offer.

Reticulation and splines are words used in engineering, math, modeling, and a bunch of other fields, and sound very technical. In truth it’s just an old SimCity 2000 joke.

See the full resolution detail of these endlessly reticulating splines below:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Reticulated Splines, with bright yellow spline lines and sharp red patterns.

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