Radical Saturation

Radical Saturation: black, white, green, pink, and multicolor abstract digital art of a radical cyclone made up of other cyclones and a dark core.


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Radical Saturation is piece 1/5 in the RADICAL SERIES.

In Radical Saturation, I focus on color above all else. The intensity of the colors in this hurricane of rad-ness is exemplified in the red and blue streaks in the corners, the purple ring around the center, and the 100% colored-in center. This is the only Radical piece with a fully black inner eye.

This one is the most “obvious” of all of them, the least subtle, and usually the one that catches someone’s eye first — which is why it begins the series.

In Radical Saturation we see that cranking the knob to 11 has an immediate and flashy effect, but the darkness at the center hints at a burnt, over-saturated core, suggesting it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Even the fourth piece, which is literally based on darkness, has a light core.

Here it is (first) in the context of the whole set:

A compilation image containing the five Radical Series pieces: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, and Combination, next to each other.

The RADICAL SERIES contains Radical: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, & Combination.

The full series exemplifies hurricanes and action graphics as seen through a lens of the early-2000s’ “xtreme” “radical” “kewl” factor. By keeping the same basic form, the series lets me explore different types of overlay themes while keeping the finished products easy to compare. This is some of my earlier work and by far the most “apples to apples” art I’ve ever made.

See the full resolution details of Radical Saturation here:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Radical Saturation, the bright colors and black center.

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