Skyhide: blue, white, and brown abstract digital art of a canvas or burlap textured sparsely cloudy sky.


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Do you ever just lay back in the grass and look at the clouds passing overhead?

I used to a lot more often, before I moved to Los Angeles — there aren’t really a lot of clouds out here. But I often wondered what the clouds would feel like, what their texture would be, and if stormclouds would feel different than the normal white puffy ones.

In reality clouds are just mist and vapor and they don’t really feel like anything besides maybe a thick fog, but when you’re in an airplane flying above a blanket of clouds, reality doesn’t stop you from looking down and imagining it like one big pillow.

I also wondered what it would be like if clouds felt like something else. What if clouds felt rougher, what if they were like a coarse fabric against your skin? Since there’s no “feel” to them in the first place, would it change how they look?

So Skyhide is what happens when you’re looking up at the clouds but instead of the nice friendly puffy ones, they’re the thick coarse ones.

See the full resolution details of this abstract sky artwork below:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Skyhide, with canvas clouds in white and blue.

Buy this: Redbubble / Society6

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