The Art of Mopa Lounge

Alex and I went to a restaurant called Mopa Lounge in late September 2022.

The logo, lit up over a wall-mounted bed of moss.

Mopa Lounge is a Hungarian-originated restaurant, and a self-described “upscale café and wine bar” in Oceanside, CA.

It’s a family-run business, and the friendly waiter told us all about everything he could. We had good pizza, great ravioli, and okay wine — oh, and great tea. (Sadly, no Hungarian wine due to supply and price issues.)

The paintings spread across one wall of the place was fascinating to me. I think we were told it was by an uncle? I unfortunately didn’t get details as they were about to close, and sadly the website doesn’t offer any clues. But I thought the art was fascinating, and I wanted to remember it here.

Bizarre, barren ruins.

Stark figures of birds, exploration, ships, and barren scenery.

More imaginative and explorative pieces in the same style.

Odd birds, horses, and more.

Strange figures, abandoned ruins, and apples?

Are these self-portraits?

Wish we could’ve gotten more details, but it was some very interesting stuff.

A fuller look at Mopa Lounge.

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