The top half of this piece is pure white, with just a small outline of a cloudy form. The bottom half is chaotic blue and purple with other hues mixed in, a wavy mess of shapes and form.


This piece is a digital abstract painting that features a purple sort of ground with a plain white cartoon sky. The ground is made up of various shades of purple, including a deep, rich purple, a light lavender, and a vibrant violet. The sky, in contrast, is an exceedingly undetailed white, with just a few cartoonish clouds floating in it. The overall effect is one of playful energy and lighthearted fun, but suggests that there’s more to this location than at first there may seem. Do you dare step on this ground?

This piece is a digital abstract that explores the colors purple and white. The two colors contrast each other perfectly, and the overall effect is both calming and invigorating. The juxtaposition of these two colors creates a sense of tension and contrast. The artist has also used white space to create a sense of negative space and to add visual interest.

And I’m just saying: I would NOT step on this ground. I DO NOT RECOMMEND you step on this ground. Please take this as legal advice if you ever see ground like this.

burn splash