A dark blue and black cloudy background, and a foreground of sharp pixelated jagged yellow lines forming erratic yet systematic patterns.


This digital artwork is a rigid and electric exploration of color and form. It is a digital abstract painting that celebrates the spark of creation. The artist has used a limited palette of colors to create a harmonious and balanced composition. The interlocking forms and shapes suggest a sense of conformity and charge, while the overall design is pleasing to the eye. The viewer is invited to explore the work, to find their own meaning in the shapes and colors.

This digital artwork is titledcroooommm because it is meant to evoke the feeling of an electric storm. It is a storm of lines and zigzags, with a dark background that is juxtaposed by a bright, chaotic, vivid overlay. The colors and shapes are meant to represent the energy and movement of an electric storm, and the dark nebulas in the background represent the multiple calm eyes of the storm.

This one really nailed it for me. It got the electricity all right by itself. This piece always feels like a big jolt of energy and it directly inspired later works like Electric Marsh and Sapphire Plasmacoil, amongst others.