An aqua blue piece, with some darker blue and some sea-green, a somewhat gritty patterned undersea aquatic tile.


This piece is a unique abstract digital painting that captures the chaotic and unpredictable texture of the world underwater. The vibrant and bold blues and greens represent the energy and movement of the water, while the patterns reflect the unpredictability of the currents. The painting is a reminder that we are all connected in the primordial chaos and that we can find beauty in this chaos if we just open our eyes to it.

The title “glorkkp refers to the feeling of being submerged in a gritty and strange world. This piece is a beautiful example of a vivid imagination, with the colors and impressions provoke an alluring sense of wonder.

In some ways, this a spiritual predecessor to Aquatic Ambience. Just without all of the fun. It’s like a tiled background in one pixel of Aquatic Ambience. It’s the “Donkey Kong 1981” to Aquatic Ambience’s “Donkey Kong Country 1994” and if that doesn’t make sense to you I don’t see how I can help you any further.

Grimers Icky Pop
Fishnet Friends