A flat but cellular and detailed picture of orange color dripping from black structures into a field of blue.


This piece is a digital abstract work that uses a limited color palette to create a feeling of sludge and flatness. The title, “Sluck,” refers to the feeling of being caught in between two states, which is reflected by the sharp line between the orange and the blue. This work is one-dimensional and intentionally harsh, forcing the eye to “zoom out” and consider the piece as a whole rather than the intricate details in each individual cell.

And you can see those details here. Can we get a 100% zoom please? Thank you:

HD full-resolution close-up of the thousands of little lines that make up the orange and blue color cells.

Despite the motion conveyed in each little cell at full resolution, the overall image is one of slow-moving slime, broadly dripping down from some sort of architectural perch. You wouldn’t want to get any on you, but you wouldn’t need to move too fast to get out from underneath.

Personally, I love this piece. I don’t even know why. Good ol’ Sluck.

Ice Berries