Ruby Supernova

Ruby Supernova: red, yellow, black and white abstract digital art of a symmetrical technological star surface around a big black hole.


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Ruby Supernova is one piece in my four-part GemTech Series.

This one is the brightest of the series and one of the most iconic pieces I think I’ve ever made. It has a very clear sense of motion, although I have been told others see it moving very differently than I do. I guess that part is up to you.

don’t think of this piece as a whole supernova made out of rubies, or like a star made entirely out of rubies exploding. Although now that I think about it, that sounds pretty cool too. An exploding star that was made out of rubies? Damn, that’s a good idea…

No, though, for this piece I was thinking of a regular-sized ruby, somewhere between the size of a fist and a microwave, being used as a futuristic matrix to contain the power of an entire supernova inside. Obviously this is much more plausible. How else do you expect to carry around a supernova in your pocket? I mean just how small do you think these things are?

Here’s Ruby Supernova in the context of the full set:

A compilation image containing the four GemTech Series pieces: Amethyst Hypercube, Sapphire Plasmacoil, Ruby Supernova, and Emerald Voltchamber, next to each other.

The GemTech Series contains: Amethyst Hypercube, Sapphire Plasmacoil, Ruby Supernova, & Emerald Voltchamber.

My GemTech Series uses vivid colors and symmetrical geometrical forms to imply structure and purposefully-built technology. Using gemstones as material interests me because gems do have certain crystalline lattices and are built in certain ways, and the idea that future branches of science may just find these forms to be exactly what we need is very interesting to me.

I wanted to avoid using plain crystals, because I think they’re overused, and diamonds, because I think the diamond market is basically a real-life evil racket already. I’d rather wear gemstones than diamonds any day of the week. But the world of gemstones is vast and much more colorful and artistic.

See the full resolution detail of Ruby Supernova below:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Ruby Supernova, reds, yellow white lines, a black hole, and electricity.

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Sapphire Plasmacoil
Emerald Voltchamber