The Eye of Heaven

An enormously complicated piece with a scattered chaotic background of swirls and plasma, centered on a small black circle with vivid white and orange shoots coming off of it into light blue fading lines.


This piece is a digital abstract work that represents… as you may expect from the title… the Eye of Heaven. It is a colorful and chaotic mix of shapes and lines that creates a sense of power and energy. The eye is a symbol of protection and guidance, and this piece is a reminder that we are always under the watchful eye of the divine.

This piece represents the Eye of Heaven as a powerful and benevolent force. The colors used in this piece are meant to represent the different aspects of the Eye of Heaven. The blue represents innovation and inspiration, the white represents power, and the gold represents all of our notions of royalty and the divine. This piece is meant to be a reminder that there is a force in the world that is always watching over us and that we should be grateful for it.

But this piece is also meant to make you think about just how pure this Eye may be. It may look religious or spiritual, but it also looks like energy, perhaps channeled in ways we don’t understand, but energy that could be harnessed and controlled by humans nonetheless, nothing out of our reach forever. And look at the chaos around it. Does this “godly” Eye really represent something better than us, or just something more powerful, but equally violent and troubled? Is the Eye of Heaven what we first think it is, or have we only been conditioned to say this because of the power it holds?

And when we finally grow to have more power, will we still call it a god?

I would have loved to make this piece a more official abstract series work, but the dimensions were all wrong and it was a little too on-the-nose. I do quite enjoy it though, and it’s probably the most “technically successful” of any of these test arts.

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