Thorny Transcendents

A white, blue, gold, and black piece with lots of jagged lines and sharp little points, with the flow of visual direction moving all across the fine details.


This piece is a digital abstract work that explores the problems and “thorns” that come with transcendence. The artist has used a palette of mostly blue, gold, and white to create a sense of depth and movement. The sharp lines and angles of the composition convey a sense of tension and unease, while the light and dark areas suggest a struggle between opposing forces. The overall effect is a powerful and evocative image that speaks to the human experience of striving for something greater.

The title refers to the thorns that often accompany roses, which can represent the challenges and obstacles we face in life. The piece mocks an inverted-color rose, as well as jagged light that represents the journey to transcendence. The colors used are meant to evoke the emotions of hope and determination.

The piece is meant to be a reminder that even though life may be full of thorns, we can still grow and transcend them.

Nah, but hey, this one kinda looks like Thorny Descendants, doesn’t it? I wonder if they’re somehow thematically related. Ironically, this is NOT related to Death of a Transcendent.

The Eye of Heaven