Radical Darkness

Radical Darkness: black, blue, green, pink, and white abstract digital art of a kool cyclone made up of cyclones, white core and dark surroundings.


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Radical Darkness is piece 4/5 in the RADICAL SERIES.

In Radical Darkness, I fast-forward to another important part of the Hero’s Journey, which I brought up in the last piece. Radical Darkness represents the time when the hero is at their lowest, with darkness closing in. And then they find that light inside of them, the light they had back at the beginning during the Refusal of the Call (piece 2), and use it as their unique ability that lets them fend off the darkness and oppression of the magic world they were brought into.

You can see the blue and green rings around the main cyclone area becoming clearer again, showing a growing mastery of the newfound magic. And although the darkness is the strongest around the edges, the light inside the core of the hero is at its brightest in comparison. The saturated colors from the first piece are starting to return.

Here it is (fourth) in the context of the whole set:

A compilation image containing the five Radical Series pieces: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, and Combination, next to each other.

The RADICAL SERIES contains Radical: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, & Combination.

The full series exemplifies hurricanes and action graphics as seen through a lens of the early-2000s’ “xtreme” “radical” “kewl” factor. By keeping the same basic form, the series lets me explore different types of overlay themes while keeping the finished products easy to compare. This is some of my earlier work and by far the most “apples to apples” art I’ve ever made.

See the full high resolution details of Radical Darkness here:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Radical Darkness, the white core and black with blue and green.

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Radical Difference
Radical Combination