Radical Light

Radical Light: white and pastel blue/purple abstract digital art of a radical cyclone made up of other cyclones and a light core.


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Radical Light is piece 2/5 in the RADICAL SERIES.

In Radical Light, I try to play out the next logical step after Radical Saturation. Like you saw, the over-saturated core was too dark. The next logical step? Turn on the lights.

But humans have a tendency to overreact, and lighting can minimize detail. This can be a good thing, sure, but when we’re going for xtreme maximalism instead, which is what this series is ostensibly all about, then we can easily go too far.

So here we see a counterpoint to the first piece, but does this make it better? It may or it may not. Context-depending.

Here it is (second) in the context of the whole set:

A compilation image containing the five Radical Series pieces: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, and Combination, next to each other.

The RADICAL SERIES contains Radical: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, & Combination.

The full series exemplifies hurricanes and action graphics as seen through a lens of the early-2000s’ “xtreme” “radical” “kewl” factor. By keeping the same basic form, the series lets me explore different types of overlay themes while keeping the finished products easy to compare. This is some of my earlier work and by far the most “apples to apples” art I’ve ever made.

See the full detail of Radical Light below:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Radical Light, the light core and white/pastel circles.

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Radical Saturation
Radical Difference