Radical Difference

Radical Difference: white, grey, pink, and blue abstract digital art of an xtreme cyclone within cyclones, with a grey core.


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Radical Difference is piece 3/5 in the RADICAL SERIES.

In Radical Difference, I respond to the point, counterpoint set up by pieces 1 and 2. In some ways, the third point is the hardest. Piece 1 can easily assert something, and piece 2 can easily refute it, but how do you handle piece 3? Do you find a middle ground, or do you change the game entirely?

I chose to change the paradigm a little by interpreting 1 & 2 as two stages in the hero’s journey. So piece 1 (Radical Saturation) can be interpreted as the Hero’s Call to Action, and piece 2 (Radical Light) can be interpreted as the Refusal of the Call. Piece 3, this one, is a step of further progression in this story arc – Crossing the Threshold. The hero has had a life-altering experience, and is now committed to the journey ahead of them.

The Difference in the title can refer to the difference in the hero’s life from the last point to this point. In many fantasy stories this is the destruction of the hero’s house, hometown, or even the death of their parents. There’s no coming back from that, and now the motivation is personal — that’s the difference.

Here it is (third) in the context of the whole set:

A compilation image containing the five Radical Series pieces: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, and Combination, next to each other.

The RADICAL SERIES contains Radical: Saturation, Light, Difference, Darkness, & Combination.

The full series exemplifies hurricanes and action graphics as seen through a lens of the early-2000s’ “xtreme” “radical” “kewl” factor. By keeping the same basic form, the series lets me explore different types of overlay themes while keeping the finished products easy to compare. This is some of my earlier work and by far the most “apples to apples” art I’ve ever made.

See below for the full resolution detail of Radical Difference:

A 100% scale high definition view of the colors, textures, and details of Radical Difference, the grey core and multicolor cyclone circles.

Here’s a photo of me holding a small square aluminum print of Radical Difference. The colors really pop in person.

Perplexia artist Ethan J Hulbert holding Radical Difference as a small aluminum print.

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Radical Light
Radical Darkness